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Surgical Sutures

General Information about Surgical Suture
Synthetic Absorbable Surgical Suture (Polyglycolic Acid - PGA) USP
Black Braided Silk Surgical Suture USP
Monofilament Polyamide Surgical Suture USP
Coated Polyester Surgical Suture USP
Monofilament Polypropylene Surgical Suture USP
Surgical Catgut (Chromic) USP
Surgical Catgut (Plain) USP
Suture Reels
Polypropylene Mesh

Surgical Suture Needles

Surgical Suture Needles

The company is an surgical suture needle manufacturer and has been exporting needles to many Suture Manufacturers.
Suture Needles Features :
  • One of the few suture companies to manufacture Its' own suture needles.
  • Suture Needles made from special stainless steel alloy. Malleable & ductile needle-provides high resistance to bending & breaking.
  • All suture needles are drilled end, giving least tissue trauma as the suture & needle are seamlessly fused.
  • Needles finished in an inert atmosphere give smooth mirror finish for easy passage through tissues.
  • Precisely drilled needle offers high suture-needle hold strength & trouble free suturing.
  • Sharp gradually tapered needle profile guarantees easy penetration in every bite.
  • Special geometry of Sharpened triangular sides of cutting needles along with sharpened tip penetrates through tissue with ease.
  • Range of types of needles include round body (Taper point), Taper cutting, Cutting, Reverse cutting, Blunt & Trocar point.
Suture Needles for suture manufacturers

Advantages of our suture needles:

Drilled End
  • Precisely drilled end for maximum suture holding strength.
  • Adequately tempered for securing strong attachment.
  • Smooth finished drilled hole-does not have abrasive effect on suture.
  • Drilled end with Counter sunk end for easier and productive attachment.
Body Surface
  • Smooth surface finish with least pit holes for easy passage through tissues.
  • Coated with Silicon (on request) for smoother finish.
  • A natural sheen of steel; also available as "glarefree" black needle for better visibility.
  • Made from special steel alloy, which resists breaking even when reshaped.
  • Serrated body for better grip during surgery.
  • Corrosion resistant Steel, suitable for wet Sterile pack.
Point Type Advantages
Sharp gradually tapered needles guarantees easy penetration in every bite. Available in heavy diameter too!
Accurately sharpened 3 sides, easily cuts through dense, thick & irregular tissues
Reverse Cutting
Accurately sharpened 3 sides, easily cuts through dense, thick & difficult to penetrate tissues.
Taper Cutting
Designed to cut through dense & tough tissues without damaging the surrounding tissues with easy passage.
Blunt nosed to dissect friable tissues

Point Head
- Sharpened by hand by highly experienced operators.
- 100% production visually inspected for sharpness to verify whether point confirms to desired geometry.
- All 3 sides of cutting suture needles are accurately sharpened to cut through tough tissues.

Suture needles are tested for resistance to penetration, hardness, finish, go-no go, drill depth & corrosion resistance. Suture needles quality test reports are issued for each lot!


Suture Needles with Thread

Surgical Blades

Disposable carbon steel surgical blades (sterilization with Gamma Radiation)
Disposable stainless steel surgical blades (sterilization with Gamma Radiation)
100 blades per box (single blade package)

Regular carbon steel surgical blades
Specifications: No. 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25.
200 blades per box (10 blades package)

We can process the products according to the samples and pack the products
according to the fixed brands which are supplied by our customers.

Stainless steel surgical knife handle
Specifications; No.3, No.4.

Suture Material

Polyglycolic Acid (Synthetic absorbable suture)
Chromic (Catgut)
Plain (Catgut)
Sikl (Braided)
Nylon (Monofilament)
Polypropylene (Monofilament)
Polyester (Braided)
Stainless Steel Wire (Monofilament)

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